Oban Harbour Moorings


Oban Marina (www.obanmarina.com)

Kerrera Moorings

Oban Marina has 100 pontoon berths and 30 moorings located at Area A on the chart on this page.

Oban Bay Community Berthing Ltd (www.obanbayberthing.co.uk)

moorings2.jpg     moorings4.jpg

Around 100 private leased moorings and 16 visitor moorings are managed by Oban Bay Community Berthing Ltd in the area to the West of the Northern Lighthouse Board’s pier on the Southern side of Oban Bay.

The moorings and landing stage are shown as Area B on the chart above right.

The moorings can be seen in the centre of the left hand photograph, above the bows of the ferry and cruise liner.

The moorings are laid in three trots - the outside trot is for vessels of 14 metres loa, the middle for vessels of 12 metres loa and the inside for vessels of 10 metres loa.

The landing stage is shown in the right hand photograph above.